Health-Related Quality of Life

Impact of Visual Field Loss on Vision-Specific Quality of Life in African Americans: The African American Eye Disease Study

African Americans endure a disproportionate burden of visual impairment. Vision quality of life was characterized by daily tasks and emotional well-being. Field loss had the greatest impact on completing daily visual tasks. A meaningful change in visual task was associated with 6 dB lower visual field. Preventing visual field loss is important for preserving vision quality of life.

Chronic Eye Disease Epidemiology in the Multiethnic Ophthalmology Cohorts of California Study

I presented 3 papers to my committee while defending my dissertation in epidemiology. I proposed the first two projects in clinical epidemiology of visual impairment during my [Qualifying Exam]( the previous fall. I identified a novel project in the environmental epidemiology of air pollution and primary open angle glaucomatous pathology.

Qualifying Exam — Impact of Visual Field Loss on Vision-Specific Quality of Life in Multi-Ethnic, Population-Based Cohorts in Los Angeles County

For the qualifying exam, I presented my dissertation on how visual impairment affects quality of life in multiethnic cohorts from Los Angeles. A committee of medical professors questioned the methodology, interpretation, and implications of the research. I concluded by proposing future projects for the dissertation.