The Association of Traffic-Related Air Pollution and Perfusion of the Peripapillary Retina in African Americans

Purpose African Americans have a greater prevalence of open angle glaucoma (OAG) and exposure to traffic-related air pollution (TRAP). We investigated whether glaucomatous vascular changes were related to exposure of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and particulate matter with aerodynamic diameter < 2.5 µm (PM2.5) in the African American Eye Disease Study (AFEDS). Methods The AFEDS is a cross-sectional, population-based cohort study conducted from 2014–2018 of 6,347 self-reported African Americans aged 40 years or older residing in 32 US census tracts of Inglewood, California.

Prevalence and Characteristics of Primary Angle Closure Disease in an Adult Chinese American Population: The Chinese American Eye Study

The prevalence of primary angle closure (PAC) glaucoma is lower among Chinese Americans than East Asians based on standard definitions of angle closure. However, prevalences of PAC suspect and PAC approximate rates seen in Asia.