Qualifying Exam — Impact of Visual Field Loss on Vision-Specific Quality of Life in Multi-Ethnic, Population-Based Cohorts in Los Angeles County

Qualifying Examination Oral Presentation

Sep 30, 2019 00:00

What is a Qualifying Exam?

The USC Department of Preventive Medicine defines the qualifying exam for the PhD in epidemiology as a proposal to the research committee.

“The oral portion will be a seminar-style presentation to the Qualifying Exam Committee, focusing on the dissertation proposal, followed by questions from the Committee on both the proposal and the student’s general mastery of the field.”

Committee Members

The committee included medical researchers and physicians with expertise in fields related to my dissertation. I have developed my research projects under guidance and mentorship of each committee member. The professors include:

Dom Grisafe
MD Candidate | PhD Epidemiology

Epidemiologist studying chronic disease in population-based cohort studies